Greenleaf Direct Primary Care based in Athens, Georgia

At our clinic, work with a physician who values the doctor – patient relationship over making insurance companies happy and takes a more holistic approach

What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct primary care is a movement to return to more traditional medicine by cutting through the red tape of bureaucracy in order to offer a better experience. By not taking insurance, we are able to spend more time with you and offer affordable healthcare that is customized to you.

For more information on getting started at Greenleaf, and general health info please visit our blog.

Our Physician

Dr. Josh Estep is board certified in Internal Medicine and in Medical Plants. He supports the LGBTQ community and offers gender-affirming care.

Ages 18 – 44


Per Month

Ages 45 – 64


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Ages 65 +


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*At this time we are not accepting patients who carry Medicare as insurance due to government regulations. Eventually we look forward to opening up to this group and providing care. At this time we are accepting patients on a waitlist.

Greenleaf Direct Primary Care

Founded in 2022 serving the Athens, Georgia community

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Phone (706) 666-5122
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220 College Ave
Suite 612
Athens, GA 30601

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